Google Camera APK Download

Google Camera [Gcam] is the best ever camera application basically for Google Pixel Devices but now it is ported for some other device. Here is a supported Download list for various Android phones.

Download the Google camera (GCam) apk file which is available for the following Android phones:
– Google Camera [Gcam] apk for Samsung
– Google camera [Gcam] apk for Xiaomi
– Google Camera [Gcam] apk for Asus
– Google Camera [Gcam] apk for Motorola
– Google Camera [Gcam] apk for Huawei and Honor Android phones

Why to use Google Camera (GCam):

Google Camera [Gcam] captures Overwhelming and alluring pictures in HDR+ with good saturation. Skin Tone Looks natural. Slow Motion video recording [with audio]. Images are Pretty Sharp and Support 8X Zoom. Some devices support Slow motion in stock camera but not Record audio So, this is another advantage of Google Camera.

Google Camera[Gcam] Portrait Mode

Apart from the sharp details, Good saturation, Natural colors and skin tone Google camera provides an excellent feature which is known as portrait mode. The portrait mode of Google Camera has the good accuracy of edge detection it never gets confused in blur whether it is a front camera or rear camera. Portrait mode is very natural and customizable you can also set up the blur density which is good for you.

Requirements to Install Google Camera [GCam] APK:

  • Custom Recovery such as: TWRP recovery
  • To Install TWRP you need to have an unlocked bootloader
  • If you don’t have the custom recovery then install it using one of the following guides
    – Install TWRP
    – Install Redwolf recovery (RWRP)
  • Camera2API For Google Camera [Gcam]: [Downlaod]
  • Compatible Google Camera [Gcam] Apk.

Download Google Camera (GCam) Apk For Samsung devices:

Choose and Gcam apk which one is compatible for your Samsung Device-
Google Camera apk Download for Samsung Devices- Google camera v8.3b v3.2

Download Google Camera [Gcam] apk for Samsung Devices: Google camera v8.3b v3.1.2

Download Google Camera [Gcam] Apk For Oneplus Devices:

Google Camera Will give more Performance if you are using stock Android.

Download Lineage os 16

Top Aosp custom roms

Features of Google Camera [Gcam]:

Reasons why Google Camera [Gcam] is better than stock camera-

  • Images have good sharpness and saturation of colors.
  • Awesome Edge detection while clicking portrait shots.
  • Record audio in slow motion.
  • Object portrait mode is also supported.
  • Supports up to 8X zoom.
  • Frames per second will also get improved as compare to stock camera.

How to Install Google Camera [Gcam] APK:

Now let us know about the installation of Google camera.First of all, I want to say that the Installing Google Camera from play store doesn’t it is only for Google Pixel Devices the reason behind that is API[Another Program Interface]
is different. It means you have to Install API for Google Camera [Gcam]. Now follow all the below steps attentively-

  • Copy the Camera2API zip and the GCam APK to your phone.
  • Power off your device.
  • Press volume up and power button to boot into TWRP recovery.
  • Go to the installation Section.
  • Select the (which you have downloaded) and swipe to flash.
    – If you had already installed Camera2API with Magisk before, then skip this step.
  • Now boot to system and install the GCam APK.

That’s all. You should now have the Google Camera installed on your Android phone. Stay tuned to the Android Modspage to get more Android mods for your Android Phone.

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